suerankin (suerankin) wrote,

Three Positive Things

I am reminded by the_gneech that this is a good thing to do, so here goes:

1. Having a project to distract you during a rough time is a Good Thing. Bonus points if it is for a niece or nephew who looks up to you.

2. Knowing that someone looks up to you. It reminds you to behave accordingly.

3. Serendipity. Let the universe know in a kind fashion what you need so that it has the chance to fall into your lap. Case in point, I asked some illustration, especially children's lit, type people what other books they would recommend in addition to those I had. The very next day (today), Show Me A Story is thrust in front of me at the indie book store by my husband, who was looking for an activity book about writing for the afore mentioned niece who looks up to me.
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