suerankin (suerankin) wrote,

Three Very Positive Thingies

1 - Getting over technological hardware anxiety. I'm sick of the heart-thumping that goes with firing up the Most Excellent Printer and worrying about...I dunno... Things. Yesterday I shipped off Flat Natalie with some 39 printed photos. I had overcome the Selphy printer that will now only work via USB stick or camera. So last night, with my confidence up, I looked at Most Excellent Printer (for making prints to sell or put in the portfolio) and said, "We need to print things! Gotta send in samples to be matched up with a reviewer for that event in May!" I turned it on and fretted while it went through warm up processes. I'd forgotten how long that took, or seemed. And then it was ready! Yay! I printed one thing. One small thing. And then it went, "Meh!" And I realized, as it was not the last minute, that this was ok. And my local electronics store actually carries the cartridges! Today was not so heart-thumpy, even though there were more troubles.

It had finally sunk in.

It's just hardware and I'm no dummy.

2 - I have story ideas. Good ones.

3 - I also realized today that I am now more able to turn off that feeling of "Keeping Up With The Jones', where the Jones' are other artists and writers. It's a Comfortable In My Own Skin thing. I think it may be a direct result, at least in part, of the Flat Natalie project. I can hardly wait to see the nieces and nephew in PA this Spring and be their rock star.
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