suerankin (suerankin) wrote,

Three Positive Thangs!

1- I went to a publisher's Open House yesterday! I was prepared! People liked my business postcards! I actually talked to people! (Such an introvert.) People who seemed happy to be buddies, pals, or what-have-yous! People thought I was very witty/funny. I didn't use an exclamation point there!

2- SANE has gone wonky from the oversized scanner being unplugged and now it won't scan right. It doesn't scan the whole bed. I can find no way to set preferences. But oddly enough I'm not stressed about it, because I'll get it sorted out somehow. The not freaking out is the positive bit. Maybe I just need to uninstall and reinstall SANE. Hmm.

3- It feels really good to finally be on the right path with my feet under me.
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