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1 February
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They say that people just LOVE to talk about themselves and yet, I really don't like writing these things! It's not that I don't like myself, I do, but it's all...y'know... Weird! I mean, you're sitting there on the other side of the screen there, drinking your caffeine of choice and I'm just... text on the screen. Just that much strategic sequencing of letters, word by word, line by line, on a device that's all lit up with pixels, downloaded through many hops and bounces through wires and air. Rather fascinating when you think about it... In fact, there's a TED talk about the very topic of how files get from here to there and all the trust involved!

...But I digress.

Simply put, I like to draw, I like make silly voices and sounds, I like to write, and my favorite thing is to make you laugh.

At the moment, I'm re-orging my art business and training up for voiceover work. The former is in the style of cartoon realism, and the latter in character and audiobook, either of which applied to commercials and video games.